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Headshot of Jennie Thomas

Height: 5"6

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

A daydreamer who changes the world one person at a time

Bright, wide-eyed, classic, empathetic songbird Jennie hails from Southern California. As a passionate storyteller she is drawn to stories of hope and social change and is always eager to collaborate with equally passionate artists.  As an actress she has performed in numerous productions including a production of Jason Robert Brown’s dark musical Parade, which highlights anti-Semitism and racism in the South. 


A versatile singer Jennie performed her own solo show at the seminal New York City cabaret venue “Don’t Tell Mama” June 24th, 2018.  Accompanied by 6-time MAC award winner Tracy Stark, she energetically sang her way through a buffet of contemporary musical theatre from Hamilton to 110 in the Shade, with nods to her favorite songwriters Joni Mitchell and Sara Bareilles.  She is gifted in numerous vocal styles including folk, pop, jazz, classical, musical theatre, and Christian contemporary.  An aspiring songwriter and musician herself, she blends genres often and effortlessly.


Songwriting for her is about telling important stories in a socially conscious way. She was August Corps first artist in residence, partnering with a farm in Alabama to both live off the land and create meaningful art. As a performer she has added her own unique flare to events. In 2019 she performed her own original songs as a part of a live art gallery fundraiser with August Corps theatre company. In addition she performs at both weddings and parties a wide range of material from traditional hymns to classic love songs.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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